For the Peace River & the Wedzin Kwa- Its not too late to stop Site C & SNC-Lavalin

April 13, 2019

By Mike Ma

Yesterday I attended the protest against the Site C dam and SNC-Lavalin at the 745 Thurlow headquarters of the construction conglomerate. It was a great feeling to be with a group of committed and concerned people. I’m reminded that small groups of people can do real and effective actions in life. I often feel that actions are futile, but this action made me feel pretty good. It was low on the confrontation index, but high on the calm and committed index. I think it made people feel good. I certainly felt good. We also handed out many pamphlets informing readers about the importance of the Site C Dam issue.

 It was a beautiful Friday afternoon with lots of happy pedestrians walking by during the lunch hour. One of the guards of the office tower came out to ask us to leave, but finally gave up when it appeared that we were not leaving. I think he threatened to call the police, but they never showed up. For more on Site C dam:

 And being at the event made me wonder why we are not asking more about this connection between the Site C dam and SNC-Lavalin? 

For more on the connection between Site C and SNC-Lavalin read:


745 thurlow protest site c dam.png